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Electric winch driving

Continuing the great experience achieved by EMENASA for over 40 years in the supply, installation and service of electric DC drives for fishing winches, MAIN SOLUTIONS has taken a further step incorporating the drive and control with AC power.

The knowledge acquired together with work developed with the different companies of GRUPO EMENASA in propulsion projects, positions us as a reference in the study and proposal of the best technical and economic solution from the perspective of ship consumption.

The scope of supply of MAIN SOLUTIONS covers:

  • Analysis of the ship's electrical needs, both from the perspective of generation and consumption in relation to the winch system.
  • Selection and supply of the best technical and economic solution (from the perspective of consumption), depending on whether we are facing a newbuilding or a retrofit.
  • We work with state-of-the-art technology according to the MULTIDRIVE concept. We select and supply the appropriate motors for the application, we supply the automatic control system of the main winches, as well as the control, regulation and control stations of all the deck equipment.


System MULTIDRIVE configuration uses AFE inverter modules for fed the motors. The individual drives of each electric motor are installed inside a single cabinet cooled by air or water. The MULTIDRIVE system supplied by MAIN SOLUTIONS incorporates the different control needs of each motor within a single drive, which results in the following advantages:

A single source feeds all engines:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Space optimization
  • Cost reduction
  • Simplification of the electrical cabinet

The individual drives allow to cover the different needs of:

  • Speed ​​regulation
  • Load torque
  • Synchronisms

Control system

Our control system is designed specifically for the operation of fishing winches. It is a robust system based on programmable automata, easy to operate in real time. It allows the monitoring and control of all the parameters through a touch screen, processing the information and maintaining continuous control over the driving system of the fishing winch.

Main features:

  • Monitoring and control of system parameters
  • Redundancy in case of failure
  • Interconnected via communications bus
  • Reliability of the system
  • Simplicity in the installation

Remote access to our clients equipment

Customer support is essential when providing a service. Therefore, MAIN SOLUTIONS is offering Remote Access, a system which enables engineers and technicians to remote access MAIN SOLUTIONS on board equipment, in order to perform maintenance and technical assistance operations and give operational guidance.

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