News Key role of electricity in the shipbuilding industry


Key role of electricity in the shipbuilding industry

Onboard electricity is gaining more and more importance in vessels nowadays. On one hand, the increase of generated power onboard, to satisfy higher demands of electricity consumption, such for vessels equipped with electric propulsion systems. Conventional diesel propulsion systems are threatened by new hybrid models which optimize the operation and efficiency of the propulsion plant, introducing engineering solutions with generation of power at variable speed, or integrating electrical storage systems.

On the other hand, computing and processing power of automatons, PCs and communication networks have skyrocketed in the past decade, allowing the integration of systems which used to be designed to operate separately.

All in all, this new reality has increased the complexity of electrical installations in vessels, which require a deep knowledge of all the electrical components of the vessel. 

MAIN SOLUTIONS, based on its large experience in a wide range of vessels, has positioned itself as a reference company of electrical engineering for the marine global market, with over 20 specialized engineers, which progress in line with the latest demands of the market and boosting the performance of the equipment and services offered.


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